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Digital Circus: Parkour Game

Digital Circus: Parkour Game is a thrilling adventure where you will navigate through special parkour levels. In the circus setting, your goal is to successfully escape from the captivating world of the Digital circus. Your mission is clear - find a way out and assist Pomni in her quest for freedom. The responsibility falls on your shoulders to guide Pomni to safety.

Embark on this exciting journey, overcome unique tracks, and become the savior to rescue Pomni from the clutches of the Digital Circus. Your agility and strategic thinking will be tested as you venture into this circus. Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenges, discover the escape, and free Pomni from the enchanting but dangerous Digital Circus? It's time to find out and make sure that Pomni wins the escape!

How To Play

  • Right mouse or joystick: Look around.
  • WASD or left joystick: Movement.
  • Space or Jump button: Jump.
  • Focus: Right-click on the screen.

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