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Geometry Dash Meltdown

Feel the burning heat with Geometry Dash Meltdown, a brand new rhythm-based game from the series that will put your timing skills to the ultimate test!

Blaze through the Obstacles with Style in Geometry Dash Meltdown!

Get ready for the most thrilling adventure you have ever had with Geometry Dash Meltdown! From the fiery pit of hell to futuristic neon tracks, it is your job to guide the character through a series of obstacles and reach the end of all the levels in one piece. Challenge your reflexes and impeccable timing skills with this amazingly addictive game!

Geometry Dash Meltdown is a fan-made version of the game with the same name, which is part of the Geometry Dash series. If you enjoy this game, be sure to check out other games from the series!

What is Geometry Dash?

If you love simple yet challenging games, chances are that you have heard about Geometry Dash. It is a rhythm-based platform game in which players take control of a small squared character as it hops around to avoid obstacles until it reaches the end of the level. As simple as it sounds, players should expect to have multiple attempts at completing a level, since a small mishap can result in having to start the level from the beginning!

Geometry Dash is immensely famous thanks to its basic controls, catchy music, and ever-increasing difficulty, ranging from Easy to Demon. Even the veterans of the game need hundreds of attempts in order to complete a Demon-rated level! The popularity of the game paves the way for different spin-offs, including Geometry Dash Meltdown.

How To Play

Like the original Geometry Dash game, the controls of Geometry Dash Meltdown revolve around only one button to do everything, including avoiding the obstacles. In each level, the character is capable of jumping once players press the spacebar or click the left mouse button. To make consecutive jumps, simply hold down either of the buttons and release to stop jumping. However, the character moves differently depending on its form. For example, in the Ship form, the character flies up once you hold either of the aforementioned buttons. Meanwhile, in the Ball form, it switches between the upward and downward sides of the platform whenever a button is pressed. Some items, such as the yellow jump rings, have to be activated before use as well.

One special feature of Geometry Dash Meltdown is that some platforms need keys before they change positions. Early on, players can experiment with this by obtaining a key, which opens up a path to progress. Hence, keys are often required beforehand for players to reach certain secret coins for perfect level completion.

Geometry Dash Meltdown features two different game modes: Normal and Practice. The former is required to complete a level, and players need to reach the end without crashing into any obstacles. However, if you need a bit of help, Practice mode enables players to place checkpoints to get past tricky parts. Additionally, the character’s icon can be changed from the main menu. This includes choosing the color scheme and icons for each form of your character to your liking!

List of Levels in Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown features three completely brand new levels with enhanced animations and effects:

  1. The Seven Seas (Easy 1⭐): As the first level of the game, The Seven Seas is relatively simple as it utilizes only the Cube and Ship forms of the character. However, as soon as players start their first jump, the upbeat music already makes it hard to stop playing!
  2. Viking Arena (Normal 2⭐): Viking Arena is the only level that takes the word “meltdown” from the game’s name to the fullest. Players will have to navigate through the hot lava and avoid the emerging fire monsters to reach the end. This level introduces the yellow jump pad, which makes the character leap higher than usual automatically. In addition, for those who love to have 100% progression with all three secret coins, you need the secret key hidden early on in order to obtain one of these secret coins!
  3. Airborne Robots (Hard 3⭐): As the name suggests, this level features a more futuristic look in comparison to the previous ones with neon platforms and obstacles. There are two new mechanics in this level, with the first one being the yellow jump ring, which gives the character an additional jump when activated. The other one is the Ball form, which gives the character the ability to alternate gravity at will. Players will have to take a leap of faith to collect a key in order to obtain one of the three secret coins.


  • In order to complete a level, players need to get past every obstacle and reach the end of the level in Normal mode.
  • The level’s progress resets each time players crash into obstacles.
  • There are always three secret coins hidden somewhere in each level.


  • Fast, exciting, and addictive gameplay!
  • Extremely simple controls that revolve around only one button!
  • Choose between two different modes: Normal and Practice modes!
  • Vibe to the catchy music while hopping from one platform to the next!
  • Mesmerizing animation and graphic effects to keep you engaged at all times!
  • Collect all the secret coins to show off your might as the ultimate Geometry Dash player!

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the signal columns to time your jumps: If you are not sure about when to jump past spikes, worry not, as the game will give you some guides in the first level! Simply take a leap when you reach the signal column with a pulsating light, and you will be able to get past the obstacles with ease!
  • Get to know the level’s layout with the Practice mode: If you find it hard to complete a level, it is high time that you try the Practice mode! With checkpoints, you will be familiar with the layout of the level in no time. While you are at it, it is a good idea to discover the location of the secret coins too!
  • Practice makes things easier: Geometry Dash Meltdown can be quite challenging at first, but after a few games, you will be able to complete all three levels in no time! Don’t forget to take your time while vibing to the amazing music!

Similar Games

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