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Doodle Jump

Embark on an adventure in a strange world reminiscent of a child's drawing with Doodle Jump! You will take the adorable, four-legged Doodler as it attempts to conquer the sky. Guide Doodler to jump from one platform to the next while avoiding annoying enemies along the way!

Doodle Jump is considered one of the earliest and most beloved endless arcade games, famous for its charming design and user-friendly controls. The goal is simple: the player needs to skillfully control the Doodler, making it jump from one platform to another. For added excitement, menacing monsters hover overhead, but fear not—Doodler is equipped to shoot them down! Discover exciting power-ups and engage in endless fun as you try to reach new high scores with Doodle Jump!

How To Play

  • Guide the Doodler's movement using the left and right arrow keys.
  • To unleash its shooting abilities, you can either press the spacebar, the up arrow key, or the left mouse button.

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