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Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters offers an exciting drifting experience with tons of tuned cars and dynamic tracks. Choose your dream machine, fine-tune its performance, and conquer the twists and turns. With the freedom to follow your path in various locations and earn points to unlock new cars and upgrades, it caters to both casual players and drifting enthusiasts.

Accelerate cautiously when approaching drifting corners. Sway from side to side on straight roads to maintain drift. In Drift Hunters, the Emashi and Forest tracks stand out thanks to their long corners and limited sharp turns. In particular, the Forest track offers the longest corners for the most prolonged and exciting drifting phases. So, what are you waiting for? Join now.

How To Play

  • Navigate the car using the WASD keys or arrow keys.
  • Pull the handbrake with the spacebar.
  • Change the camera position by pressing the C key.
  • Change numbers using the left Shift key.
  • Shift down the number with the left Ctrl key.

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