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Among Dash

Among Dash is an exciting skill and avoidance game that features characters from the popular game Among Us. In this game, you control an Impostor character and must navigate through a side-scrolling world filled with obstacles. The goal is to jump, flip, and avoid hazards while automatically running towards the right side of the screen.

Drawing inspiration from Geometry Dash, Among Dash requires precise timing and skill to overcome various dangers. As the Impostor character moves continuously to the right, you must tap or click to jump over spikes, sawblades, electricity, and other dangerous obstacles.

Among Dash is easy to get started with, however, mastering the game's challenges will take practice and determination. You'll experience a great sense of achievement as you improve your skills and set new personal records.

With its fusion of the popular Among Us universe and the thrilling gameplay of a skill-based platformer, Among Dash offers an exciting adventure of obstacle avoidance and high-score achievements.

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