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Geometry Dash: Zrist

Welcome to Geometry Dash: Zrist, an adventure filled with cubes like never before. Geometry Dash: Zrist is a black and white version of the original Geometry Dash game, where the bright colors have been replaced with a main black color tone. In this unique visual experience, you'll take control of a dynamic little cube that's always up for action and excitement.

Your mission is to guide the cube as it jumps and slides through a series of challenging obstacles, with the goal of covering the greatest distance possible. While the obstacles and gaps you'll encounter vary in distance, they all appear in the same black and white style. To conquer each challenge, you'll need to adjust your timing and exhibit precise jumps and agile slides.

However, beware of the treacherous red blocks scattered along the path. Colliding with them will abruptly end your journey. To overcome these obstacles, you'll need to execute precise jumps and navigate agile slides, ensuring you avoid any contact with the red blocks.

How To Play

  • Use X or the left arrow key to jump.
  • Use C or the right arrow key to slide.

Avoid all obstacles and make sure to steer clear of the red blocks, as touching them will immediately end the game. Instructions will be displayed on the screen, guiding you through the game.

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