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Tank Mazes

Tank Mazes is a game with beautiful graphics and vivid sound that can have two players. In the game, you will transform into a soldier using tanks to bombard and prevent enemy attacks. You will have to fight alone and protect your army base.

Before going into battle, you can change some characteristics and features of the tank according to your wishes and in accordance with your strategy. You must be very careful, throw bombs at the right location, and use shields to protect yourself from the attack. You must win not only to protect your base but also to establish yourself as the best tank commander.

How To Play

  • The first player is moving with the WASD keys or the green buttons on the screen, shooting with a spacebar.
  • The second player is moving with the arrow keys or blue buttons on the screen, shooting with the 0 key.

If you love action games, besides Tank Mazes, you can also try games such as Ninja Stickman Warrior HTML5, US Army Car Transport Truck, or World War 2: Strategy Games. Those that also have attractive and dramatic storylines.


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