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Skibidi vs Noob & Cameraman

Skibidi vs Noob & Cameraman brings an exciting experience in which you will escape with your friends from enemies. When running away, there are many obstacles in your way. You will have to collect gold to open the gates while running away.

Whether or not the escape is successful depends greatly on the combination of the two players. Therefore, you and your friend will have to agree on a common strategy to smoothly escape. Loss of concentration and poor coordination will be an opportunity for the enemy to attack and kill you. Enjoy the game with your friends, Skibidi vs Noob & Cameraman will bring memorable memories for everyone.

How To Play

  • Noob player: use the arrow keys to move.
  • Cameraman player: use WASD to move.
  • Noob player: collects gold.
  • Cameraman player: activate the wall by pressing the E key.

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