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Monster Rash

Monster Rash is an exciting and challenging 2D platformer game filled with unique obstacles. Your goal is to overcome these challenges by jumping on blocks. Collect stars to unlock new skins available for purchase in the game store. On this retro planet, the creatures have transformed into cubes, and they must work together to survive. Leap from one obstacle to another in their new form to progress through the levels. Simply click to play and jump. Start playing Monster Rash now to sharpen your reflexes and improve your jumping skills to become the best!

Collect stars while avoiding traps and jumping over obstacles. Gathering stars is crucial as you need them to unlock twenty different monster costumes. In certain parts of the level, you'll have the opportunity to board a rocket and take flight. Note that if you're wearing a costume when you board the rocket, it will revert to its default form.


  • There are 20 different costumes to collect.
  • The game consists of 5 different stages.
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