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Geometry Dash Classic

Geometry Dash Classic takes you on an intense journey through treacherous obstacles and narrow platforms. In this game, you'll be hopping over black barriers and pushing forward. Take note that you'll be moving forward at full speed, without a moment's pause. Your goal is simple: reach the end of each level. But don't be fooled by its simplicity—it's a non-stop challenge! 

Known for its difficulty, Geometry Dash Classic is considered one of the toughest Insane Demon Nine Circles remakes. It features a unique green color scheme and doesn't have any ship sequences or shadow parts, setting it apart from earlier Nine Circles levels. This level requires precise timing and memorization. It's as challenging as Headrush and Sharp Minor, both of which are known as formidable levels.

The level starts with a complex cube section filled with traps and obstacles. Then, you'll move on to a maze-like area with troll orbs. The wave phase begins early on and consists of two parts. Throughout these parts, you'll encounter spikes, false lines, saw blades, gravity and dimension gates—so be prepared. The second part of the double wave introduces a significant change in the level's architecture. There are no portals, and the main hazards are spikes and misleading routes. Completing this challenging section requires precise mechanical timing. As you approach the end of the race, the pace slows down, but the spikes become even more menacing.

Similar to the final segment of Nine Circles, the last part features a challenging cube section with 1.8 blocks. The rules remain the same: avoid spikes, navigate the ball in the right direction, and shoot accurately. The game ends with the ComplexX logo, a "wall of fame," and an unseen saw blade that adds an element of risk and potential frustration.

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