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Galactic Pixel Storm

Players will travel into the exciting universe in Galactic Pixel Storm. Designed with vivid graphics and sound effects, the game maximizes the user experience. Your mission in the game is to erase pixel art and add fuel to the spaceship to complete the mission quickly.

To start the game, players can choose pixel art according to their preferences. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase with each level, so players need to focus and decide on the appropriate strategy to quickly complete the mission and not waste too much fuel.

How To Play

  • Using your mouse or touch controls on your device's screen to guide your spacecraft.
  • Tap and drag within the designated area to move your ship and unleash rockets upon you.

If you enjoy and have relaxing moments playing Galactic Pixel Storm, you can also try other similar games such as World War 2: Strategy Games or US Army Car Transport Truck.

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