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Friday Night Dashing

Friday Night Dashing is an emotionally charged mod for the beloved game Friday Night Funkin'. In this unique fusion with the classic platformer Geometry Dash, Boyfriend finds himself accidentally transported into a colorful and gridded world.

Just like in the original game, press the colored arrows in the correct order and show off your skills. Be careful not to let your enemy trap you in his digital world due to a small mistake. It's a face-off between two talented individuals, but who will emerge victorious? Good luck on your musical journey!

Friday Night Dashing offers two captivating modes: Story and Free Play. In the Story mode, play songs individually and unlock new levels as you conquer them. If you're looking to maximize your gaming experience without time constraints, Free Play is the perfect choice. Enjoy the freedom to play at your own pace and explore various games without any commitment or obligations.

How To Play

  • Enter: Start the game, make a selection, or pause.
  • W, A, S, D, or Arrow keys: Sing along to the rhythm.
  • Backspace/Esc: Go backward.
  • Minus (-) / Plus (+): Adjust the volume to your preference.
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