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Circuitry Of The Dead

Circuitry Of The Dead is an action and adventure game that has very much attracted everyone. This is a game for one player and you will be the last warrior standing to fight the enemy at the risk of destruction. You will face a world ravaged by zombies and robots. 

Through survival, you must overcome battles. In Circuitry Of The Dead, your enemies will appear suddenly, so you must observe to determine where your opponents are and destroy them quickly. Enemies will appear at the same time; to survive, you must calculate how not to be eliminated from the game. You can upgrade your weapons with money earned in the game, buying new weapons to continue the fighting.

How To Play

  • Touch and mouse control.
  • If you use a desktop, left-click to move; if you use a phone, touch to move. 
  • Click the target icon to shoot.

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